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Tank beer

T&J Installations installs tank beer systems for a range of unpastuerised beers. Tank beer offers a number of operational benefits and the ability to serve beer at the highest quality, allowing clients to raise price points and profit margins.

Relatively new to the UK, tank beer is a system of beer storage and dispensing that provides fresh, conditioned beer, as if it was direct from the brewery. Not only is the sheer freshness and quality of the product markedly different, but the tank beer system is also very space efficient compared with barrels - download brochure.

Our installation work in the field of tank beer is highly regarded for its quality, the minimal disruption caused to client operations and the support we provide following installation. As such, we are the preferred UK installer of the tank beer system for Budweiser’s Budvar brand of premium lager, including logistics for delivery of the beer from the brewery into the tanks.

See how tank beer is installed

Tank beer involves the installation of a tank or multiple tanks within a pub, bar or restaurant. This can be done without restricting the day-to-day operations of the premises and the benefits from storing and dispensing in this way are extensive.

High quality product

  • Enables you to provide pasteurised or unpasteurised, cask-conditioned beer that is ‘fresh from the brewery’.

  • Beer is stored in ideal conditions with no added CO2, and at a temperature of 8-10°C.

  • Beer is contained in a polyvinyl high barrier sack (inliner) which is pressurised within the cylinder. These inliners, which are made of seven layers of coextrusion film, can store the beer at this high standard of serving quality for up to three months pasteurised, 21 days unpasturised.

  • Inliners are replaced every time beer is replenished to ensure maximum sterility and the beer does not come into contact with any working gas or air up until the point of dispense.

  • With Budvar, we are able to provide a fresh, cask-conditioned beer in the UK, even though it is brewed in the Czech Republic. This is testament to the strength of the tank system’s benefits.

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Space efficiency and cost effectiveness

  • The range of storage sizes available is ideal for stocking high quantities of beer in small spaces. This is particularly useful for indoor and outdoor events where bars experience high footfall, but also for pubs, bars and restaurants looking to save space and increase the volume of supply.

  • Carbon footprint, cleaning and environmental costs are reduced to a minimum since the compostable bag can simply be replaced.

  • Other kinds of beer can be used at the same time without a separate refrigerator aggregate, and general energy consumption from the tanks is minimal.

Operational benefits

  • The tank system offers easy manipulation and hassle-free operation.

  • 10 mm of beer pipeline ensures sufficient flow of beer to the taproom and no CO2 is required to provide pressure for beer flow.

  • The fact that one of these tanks replaces many barrels means that the hassle of installation is decreased and the need for barrels to be changed is removed entirely.

  • It is possible to connect a large number of beer pipelines to one tank, so multiple taps can be supplied.

  • The tank system also enables you to carefully monitor the amount of beer drawn, and the drawing itself is immediate, with no loss of beer.

All these benefits make for a system that enables you to dispense a premium product from the tap, which provides a point of differentiation and considerable prestige and kudos to the premises. We believe that tank beer in the UK will grow significantly over the next few years, as it has done in Europe.

For more information on tank beer, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us.

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