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FastPour beer dispenser and beer tap systems

As sole UK distributor and technical services provider for Berg Liquor Controls, T&J Installations can supply and install FastPour beer dispensing systems to make beer dispensing fast, efficient and easy - download brochure.

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The business end of the fast pour system is the Tap 2 dispense head. Tap 2 uses microprocessors to control the portion size electronically opening and closing the tap with a one touch function. FastPour utilises an accurate and efficient GlycolCooling system to ensure that beer is dispensed at optimum serving temperatures.



  • Speed of service is increased and staff efficiency is maximised through one-hand operation.
  • On multi dispense fonts, staff can pour several pints at once resulting in even faster service.


  • The functionality of Tap 2’s operation means that training is both quick and simple, so even temporary staff are able to dispense beer immediately.
  • The spout is angled to get maximum flow efficiency and reduce the fobbing.
  • In order to avoid delays in service due to empty kegs, the system utilises a unique keg change over system that allows up to three kegs to be connected to one tap. This is particularly beneficial in very busy bars or bars where the cellar is at some distance from the dispense area.
  • The Glycol Cooling system, unlike traditional ice bank coolers, never loses its cooling capacity. The glycol is pumped down the beer python in a flow and return system helping to keep the beer cold from the cellar to the dispense point, which means that even under high volume and high temperature conditions, the beer is delivered at the correct temperature with no fobbing due to melted ice banks.


  • Volume sizes are easily programmed and the multi-function keypad allows the pour to be paused, cancelled or topped up, if required.
  • The system incorporates a flow meter to calculate portion size and a power unit (P3 hub) that will power up to 26 units on a bar.
  • The system has an auto-shut off, where an indicator light flashes to signal an issue with the beer flow, for example frozen lines or an empty keg, and will resume the pour to the required size once the keg has been replaced.

Minimising of wastage:

  • Beer Saver is the first automated beer sell-off system that simplifies the selling of beer that is normally wasted due to line cleaning and beer spoilage events. In operation, the system can reduce wastage by up to 80%, representing potentially vast annual savings.


  • Unlike bottom fill systems there is nothing inserted into the beer, thereby reducing the risk of contamination from beer fly egg or larva.
T&J Installations provides full implementation, operation and support of Berg drinks dispensing and control systems, which comprise both ‘ring-pouring bottle top’ and ‘gun style’ dispensers. For more information, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us.

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