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Shot dispenser and spirit pourer

As sole UK distributor and technical services provider for Berg Liquor Controls, T&J Installations can supply and install clean and efficient spirit dispensers to make drinks dispensing fast and easy, and give you total control and accountability for every drink poured - download brochure.

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Berg drinks dispensing and control systems, which in most installations pay for themselves in 3-4 months, provide the following features and benefits:

Enable faster pouring:

  • Spirits and pre-programmed cocktail measures are poured in 2 seconds
  • Increases efficiency of bar staff - speed of service is increased by up to 300%
  • Increases customer satisfaction by alleviating congestion at the bar, prevents bulk buying and promotes sensible drinking
  • Uninterrupted pouring of drinks - no single bottles which need replacing

Space saving:

  • Compact controls fit any bar area
  • Attractive customer-facing feature display
  • Can offer full product range all of the time - no need to restrict during busy periods
  • Stock holdings can be kept to a minimum, freeing up storage space and allowing just-in-time delivery
  • Controls complimentary drinks
  • Reduces ‘shrinkage’
  • Controls costs
  • Improves profitability

Record every drink poured:

  • Controls complimentary drinks
  • Reduces 'shrinkage'
  • Controls costs
  • Improves profitability

Accurately control portion sizes:

  • Reduces loss from spillage and over-pouring
  • Maximises yield per bottle and improves profitability
  • Enables consistent pouring of drinks for better tasting cocktails
  • Gives customers better tracking of their alcohol intake to help reduce drunk driving

Enable or disable drinks dispensing at the beginning and end of day:

  • Prevents unauthorized pouring after the bar is closed
  • Improves security of product

Microchip technology:

  • Easily interfaces with your POS terminals to automatically ‘ring up’ and record every drink poured
  • Integrated software provides sales, stock and cost analysis and reporting for better informed bar management decisions
  • Remote access to system software available for head office or remote management

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T&J Installations provides full implementation, operation and support of Berg drinks dispensing and control systems, which comprise both ‘ring-pouring bottle top’ and ‘gun style’ dispensers. For more information, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us.

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