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Tank beer mobile bar

Mobile volume beer dispense, made easy

Expecting high footfall? Our complete, mobile tank beer solution ensures that you never run dry. Our unique and exclusive tank beer mobile bar stores the freshest product, in high volume, ready to pour.

  • Tank holds 880 pints

  • Beer arrives pre-chilled and ready to serve

  • Well-suited to festivals and large venues, including stadium

  • Branding options available

Mobile tank beer front and back v2

Benefits of tank beer

Tank beer is a system of high volume beer storage and dispense that can provide fresh, cask conditioned beer direct from the brewery. It is the most space efficient beer storage method available, and its visual impact greatly enhances your point of sale, increasing footfall at the bar.

High quality product

  • Provides pasteurised or unpasteurised beer, ‘fresh from the brewery’

  • Beer is stored in ideal conditions with no added CO2, and at a temperature of 8-10°C

  • Beer is contained in a polyvinyl inliner, preserving it for up to three weeks, and replaced every time beer is replenished, ensuring maximum sterility

Mobile tank beer back close up v2

Space efficiency and cost effectiveness

  • Ideal for stocking high quantities of beer, useful for high footfall events

  • Other kinds of beer can be used at the same time without a separate refrigerator aggregate

  • Energy consumption from the tanks is minimal

Operational benefits

  • No CO2 is required to provide pressure for beer flow

  • One tank equates to 10 kegs and can supply multiple taps – goodbye to changeovers

  • Monitor the amount of beer drawn, and the drawing itself is immediate, with no loss of beer

For more information on our mobile bars or to rent a bar, please contact us.

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