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Refrigeration solutions

Here, at T&J Installations, we understand that selling drinks at the perfect temperature is crucial for brand values and maximising the profit margins of today’s pubs, bars and restaurants. The need for accurate, reliable and energy efficient refrigeration and cellar cooling systems - with minimal noise emission - has never been more important - download brochure.

We want to guarantee that your products are always well-preserved and kept at optimum serving temperatures. That’s why the refrigeration systems we supply and install have been handpicked, tried and tested by us.

With over 30 years’ knowledge and experience of servicing a wide range of clients, with different needs and budgets, we have sourced a range of refrigeration and cellar cooling units that caters for every price point, without compromising on quality. We’ll assess your premises, your budget and the products you serve, to ensure that we are offering you the best tools for the job.

Our buying power enables us to offer highly competitive prices on the refrigeration systems that we install because of the unique, long term relationships we have developed with manufacturers in our supply chain.

Cellar cooling

Premium cellar cooling systems

Our premium line of cellar cooling systems provides accurate temperature control, even in irregular shaped cellars. These digitally controlled cellar cooling units are designed to minimise noise pollution and power usage, maintaining cellars at temperatures between 12-4°C.

Condensing units

  • The cellar cooling unit is designed to emit minimal sound levels - with an optional acoustic kit for further noise reduction
  • Fully weatherproof - increased durability and suitable for external installation
  • Ease of installation and access to components - reduced maintenance cost

Evaporating units

  • External rotor fan set that minimises sound, resonance and vibration - prevents sound breakout into bar and accommodation areas
  • Cools cellars of irregular shapes - with two evaporating units and one condenser
  • Drain trays are easily removed - ease of cleaning
Beermaster cellar coolers

Standard cellar cooling systems

Our entry level cellar cooling range has been selected to deliver great quality at its price point. These mechanically controlled units are cost effective and reliable cellar cooling solutions, operating down to 4°C.

Single cellar coolers

Both outdoor and indoor evaporators are available. Indoor units can be wall or ceiling mounted for maximising of space, without use of additional brackets.
  • Low noise emission – reduce disturbance to staff, customers and neighbours
  • Small footprint – can be installed in small spaces
  • Accurate temperature control – reliable and adjustable cellar conditions

Twin cellar coolers

A twin cellar cooling setup pairs an evaporating system with a condenser. Fully dressed with a pre-wired control panel that contains both temperature and fan speed controls, these condensing units work accurately and efficiently.
  • Low noise outdoor units – minimising disturbance to neighbouring buildings
  • Long pipe runs – flexibility for location of installation within a room
  • Electronic temperature controller – ease of monitoring and adjusting temperature

Beer bottle coolers

The beer bottle coolers we supply and install are both affordable and dependable. Geared towards being eco-friendly and energy efficient, a commercial beer cooler accurately maintains drinks at optimum serving temperature, set by you. Beer bottle coolers are available in a range of sizes, capacities, door openings, finishes and flexible shelf combinations, and can be fully branded to customer specification.

Beer bottle coolers

Features and benefits

  • Generous capacity - these beer coolers for bars hold up to three layers of premium beers
  • Built-in cooling compressor and fan - circulates chilled air effectively within the bottle cooler
  • Fully illuminated display with ‘warm white’ lighting - looks great in crowded bars and minimises ‘light struck’ beer syndrome
  • Single, three-foot double or maxi double cabinets, including single door bottle cooler, double door bottle cooler, undercounter bottle cooler – the right size for your needs
  • CFC and ozone friendly - clean and green
  • Fast cooling with adjustable thermostat – change temperature, with quick results
  • Sliding and self-closing door options – for best use of your service space
  • Illumination and cooling can be switched off independently – flexible power saving

Wine cellar coolers, wine bottle coolers and wine storage cabinets

  • Enable you to serve wine at the most appropriate temperature for champagne, rosé, white or red wines (6-14 degrees)
  • Store your wine in better condition by filter cleaning the air, maintaining correct humidity for corks and labels, and reducing light ingress
  • For wine by the glass dispense solutions, see wine dispenser and wine preservation system

Other speciality cooling and refrigeration products

  • Glass frosters, ideal for both glasses and liquors, provide ice cold glasses in minutes
  • Ice makers for producing high quality ice at high speed
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