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Nordaq Banquet system - mobile bar water dispenser solution for conferencing and events

Nordaq logoServing filtered water, of consistent quality and temperature in a time and cost-effective manner at conferences and large events is not easy – but the Nordaq Banquet water dispenser system offers a perfect solution.

The Banquet system is mobile – so you can take your Nordaq production anywhere!

The optimal water dispenser system for larger events, the Banquet’s benefits include:

  • Easy filtered water service for banquets, conferencing and big events
  • Exists in two different capacities: 280 litres per hour or 150 litres per hour
  • Filter, cooler and CO2 can be placed under a counter or mounted in a cabinet
  • Facility to pre-fill and cap

Nordaq banquet pouring


It’s an easy-to-use and portable water dispenser system – simply fill up the water tank within, and the taps will dispense freshly filtered Nordaq.

The unit is set on robust caster wheels so it can be easily moved into place at an event, or even moved around a venue – allowing you to filter and serve water to guests, tableside at optimum temperatures.

Nordaq will enhance your event – its palate cleansing qualities are a point of fascination and an excellent conversation starter. If you’re serving food and wine, Nordaq improves the taste experience of your guests – as they sample the true flavours on offer.

Better quality, better return

As the Banquet system is not a fixed installation, it is ideal both for venues and companies working in the conferencing, catering and events sectors. As such, any companies that routinely serve or supply water at large events will find that Nordaq represents both a higher quality and more profitable option to their current offering.

For more information on Nordaq and the Banquet system, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us at enquiries@nordaq.com.

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