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Nordaq Over counter system - for dispensing and bottling filtered water at the bar or behind the scenes

Nordaq logoThe Nordaq Over counter system can be located in the kitchen or on the back of a bar, allowing you to offer filtered water freshly bottled behind the scenes or in front of customers.

Outstanding quality and an eco-friendly alternative for a cleaner planet - installed in your bar or restaurant

  • Suitable for small and medium-sized restaurants and bars
  • Capacity to create 150 litres of still or sparkling water per hour
  • Cooler and tap combined and placed on the counter
  • Filter and CO2 are mounted under the counter

Nordaq filtered water is dispensed into beautiful, reusable glass bottles, which you can seal at source – on-site at your venue.

Nordaq bottle caps

Nordaq in the kitchen opens excellent opportunities to enhance your food and drink offering – many top chefs now use Nordaq water as an ingredient, instead of any other water. In some cases, restaurants now use Nordaq for the cleaning of food and dishes.

For more information on Nordaq and the Over counter system, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us at enquiries@nordaq.com.

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