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Nordaq Grab & Go self-service bottled water

Nordaq logoNordaq Grab & Go is a self-service filtered water system, providing bottled water which comes with BPA-free plastic bottles to fill and refill.

Nordaq Grab & Go is the perfect match for hotels. Guests greatly appreciate units located in gyms, spa and pool areas, dining and conference rooms, hotel rooms, and in the foyer – so they can take a fresh bottle out with them during the day.

Some of our recent hotel and restaurant clients also see the Grab & Go solution as an ideal means of providing their valued employees with the opportunity to enjoy the product and remain hydrated throughout the working day. We are also beginning to see premium coffee and patisserie/delicatessen outlets installing the Grab & Go solution for customers - encouraging them to switch to a reusable water bottle and building customer loyalty at the same time.

Built for the leisure and hospitality market, benefits of the Nordaq Grab & Go system include:

  • Guests fill and refill their bottles themselves

  • Nordaq provides BPA-free bottles that can be machine-washed and reused

  • The Nordaq Grab & Go bottled water system creates increased revenue and margins and is a whole new profit centre for your venue

Nordaq grab and go bottles

Healthy living

So often, during the day, we are exposed to additives and preservatives – even in our water – and Nordaq offers clean, untainted hydration. A luxury filtered water, so easily available, promotes drinking healthily – perfect for businesses in, or targeting, the healthy living sector.

Nordaq environment logoGreen living

The reusable Nordaq drinks bottles encourage customers to consider their consumption of BPA plastics, and to see a reusable solution as the right solution.

The system has excellent potential for a wide range of venues, not just hotels, and we’d recommend business owners and decision makers within sectors such as hospitality, healthy living, leisure and fitness to get in touch.

For more information on Nordaq and the Grab & Go system, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us at enquiries@nordaq.com.

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