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Beer line cleaning and glass cleaning products

T&J Installations is a distributor of Chemisphere’s beer line cleaning and glass cleaning products. Chemisphere specialises in providing the hospitality and leisure industry with premium line cleaning detergents and accessories for beverage dispense system sterilisation, ware washing and commercial kitchen hygiene. We supply and recommend the use of Chemisphere’s line cleaning products with drinks dispensing installations due to their high quality and focus on safety - download brochure.

See also our beer line cleaning service, the BeerTech system that we install to extend the time required between line cleaning and our cellar management tips.

Chemisphere beer line cleaning solutions

‘Pipeline’ beer line cleaning solution

Pipeline is a flagship product for Chemisphere, a concentrated fluid for use in cleaning beer lines. Uniquely coloured, a distinctive purple, Chemisphere dyed this cleaning fluid as an ingenious health and safety measure. Not only does this make it easy to distinguish from other commercial cleaning liquids, but, because it’s not clear, it can be seen in the beer line, making accidental ingestion a far more preventable occurrence.

Benefits of Pipeline:

  • Low chlorine content reduces damage to beer lines, and will not taint the beer
  • Only one pint of water is required in the dilution of Pipeline for cleaning a dispense line, as opposed to the 2 or 3 gallons usually required with other cleaning products
  • Pipeline Rinse Water test papers can be used to test the purity of the water flowing through a rinsed line, providing further safety assurance
  • As Pipeline is not a caustic soda based cleaner, it does not rot fabrics and the overall line cleaning process is both quicker and easier

‘Liquid Renovate’ – for cleaning glasses and glasswashing units

Liquid Renovate is a concentrated blend of surfactants, sequestrants and chelating agents designed to “bottom out” underperforming cabinet glass washing systems and to provide a powerful weekly drinking glass renovation medium. This means that Liquid Renovate can be used for maintaining the condition of the interior of the glass washing unit itself, so that you are providing the ideal environment for cleaning your glassware, and also replaces your usual glassware detergent.

Benefits of Liquid Renovate:

  • Suitable for most automatic feed glass and dishwashing machinesChemisphere glass washing solutions
  • Puts the sparkle back into your glassware
  • No additional rinsing required, increasing efficiency by saving you time and effort
  • Easier and safer to use
  • Eliminates grease and protein build-up, which affects both the hygiene quality of your glassware and the overall performance of your glass and dishwashing machines
  • A powerful alternative to Renovate powder
  • Like Pipeline, Liquid Renovate contains no caustic soda, a superb advantage above other competing cleaning products
From these advantages, it’s easy to see why we have selected Chemisphere as our choice of beer line cleaning and glass cleaning products to recommend to our customers.

For more information or to order the Chemisphere products that we supply, please contact us.

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