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Cocktail dispenser

Cocktail dispenser pouring

Whilst being a very profitable area of your business, cocktails often come with certain drawbacks for you, the business owner. Our cocktail machines deliver excellent ROI, designed to resolve the common issues of operating a cocktail menu, such as:


Everyone makes mistakes, but a cocktail that is made incorrectly – or not to the consumer's taste – can mean a significant value of spirits is lost, if that drink is then made afresh. Wastage on such high-ticket items has a notable impact on your bottom line.


Cocktails stunt serving rhythm at the bar. The long process of selecting all ingredients of a cocktail can mean that service is extended from a couple of minutes to 5 or more. It is thought that, due to queues, venues achieve only around 78% of their potential turnover.


Cocktail ingredients are often measured out in a free-pour, approximate way - this raises two issues:

  • Consistency - whether measures are poured under or over, impacting on the quality of the product from glass to glass.
  • Over-pouring - the more cocktails you sell, the more that accuracy matters. A measure being poured at 30ml instead of 25ml is not much on its own but, if hundreds of measures are over-poured each week, bottles of spirits are needlessly gone through more quickly, and you are ordering higher volumes than you need to. This eats directly into your profit margins.


The more ingredients a drink is made up of, the harder it is overall to keep track of how much is being sold and what needs to be ordered. Giveaways and extras are commonplace in on-trade premises. Wherever you stand on these matters, being able to keep track of how much stock is used in this way is necessary to manage stock and sales.

We provide installation and maintenance services for Gig 15 Pro, which targets these four issues, and provides a solution that will see both your turnover and profit margins increase.

Thanks to GiG Pro you can be fast, avoid waste and unwanted overdoses, saving up to 20% on the cost of ingredients.

Gig pro cocktail dispenser

Introducing GiG 15 Pro

GiG is your bar’s secret weapon, making sure you get the perfect cocktail every time.

The system does not replace your bartenders and there are no pre-mixes. All cocktails are made from high-quality ingredients. It simply aims to make the art of cocktails a lot easier for your skilled staff, and help you manage your bar more easily too. - download brochure.


Beautifully designed in Italy, GiG is an automatic spirit dispenser and cocktail dispenser, or jigger, which sits easily on any bar counter, creating an instant cocktail station.

With GiG 15 Pro, you can connect up to 15 liqueurs or syrups through completely separate channels, making for a flawless, easy process.

It is operated by a dedicated easy-to-use app on an integrated tablet, with more than 75 cocktail recipes pre-programmed and ready to follow.

Choose a cocktail, press a button and the mix is done. It takes, on average, 5 seconds to prepare a cocktail with different ingredients.

GiG speeds up the cocktail making process, with one dispense point for all the ingredients required – removing the need to locate each bottle at the back of the bar and pour out each measure. Simply program in your recipe and every single cocktail will taste exactly like the first.

Cocktails can also be dispensed into a shaker so bar staff can still show off their flair skills and entertain the crowd!

See the GiG 15 Pro in action!

The GiG 15 Pro was recently featured on Channel 5's The Gadget Show.


GiG Pro can reduce your cocktail ingredient costs by up to 20%.

The simple functionality of the app allows you to dispense the precise measurements needed for each cocktail, to the exact millilitre, so that your bartenders can rely on a correct and precise spirit mix on each and every drink. Furthermore, GiG is effectively able to provide a no wastage or spillage solution to cocktail making – with all ingredients poured directly into the glass or shaker in their exact quantities.

Crucially, this level of accuracy minimises the chance of costly re-pours, which make a significant mark on your bottom line.

You’re in control

We give bar owners unprecedented control by registering every dispense and generating sales data which shows useful trends, stock levels, and highlights giveaways and extra measures.

GiG allows you to keep track of the amount and type of cocktails served each day and the ingredients used. Converted into easy-to-read statistics, these stats are all stored in the cloud and easily accessible online, making stocktaking and stock management easy.GIG Pro cocktail dispenser gif

Incredibly smart

GiG is operated by a bespoke, dedicated and easy-to-use app installed within an integrated tablet. In the app, you’ll find detailed recipes outlining how to prepare the best international cocktails.

You can edit these or add your own twist to a classic. Each recipe has a step-by-step guide, detailing the glass to use, the amount of ice needed and even the right garnish to add that finishing touch.

The result

Impeccable cocktails, mocktails and juices without a drop wasted. When a drink is dispensed, the bartender needs only to shake, pour, garnish and serve – dramatically cutting down service time, and allowing your staff to be more customer-focused.

Installation of the system causes minimal disruption to your business and to the bar itself. Once it’s done, you’re ready to go.

For more information, or to calculate your potential return on this investment, please contact us.

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