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Nordaq filtered water - with taste enhancing qualities for food and wine

Nordaq logoT&J Installations is the sole UK service provider for the Nordaq filtered water system. We install and maintain the unique, patented Nordaq commercial water filter and dispensing equipment which allows you to serve water that’s like none you’ve ever tasted - download brochure.

Appointed by Moor H2O Ltd, T&J offers Nordaq – the eco-friendly alternative to bottled water that addresses all the issues that a bottled mineral water offering presents.

Nordaq reduces and resolves the significant cost and effort required of mineral water procurement and disposal, as well as eliminating the undesirable preservatives that mineral water contains to give it a practical shelf life.

Nordaq serving

People prefer their water in different ways, Nordaq can be dispensed still or sparkling, chilled or ambient.

Nordaq water cleans your palate, allowing you to experience food and drink the way it’s intended. It makes every flavour stand out, and it’s a revelation for wine tasting.

The benefits

  • A premium water that makes food and wine taste better
  • Produced on-site, with low environmental impact
  • A legitimate profit centre for a business

Dispensing options

Nordaq water is dispensed at chilled or ambient temperatures, and bottled at source - on-site at your venue - in beautiful, reusable glass bottles. The system is available as three environment-tailored products:

Nordaq caviar


Installing Nordaq can be done with minimal or no disruption to your operations. Our expert installation team will ensure that you're serving water of the highest quality that Nordaq can deliver, and provide you with responsive support post-installation.

The installation process turns your mains water supply into a Nordaq dispense point. It will then pass through the Nordaq filter, which removes the impurities and unwanted flavours, turning into the palate cleansing Nordaq product. After this, it is cooled to the desired temperature and may also be carbonated here too, if you're dispensing sparkling water rather than still. This all happens instantaneously.

Nordaq installation diagram

Premium quality product

You can produce Nordaq water – still or sparkling – on-site and on the spot. Passing local tap water through a proprietary, patented Nordaq commercial water filter removes impurities and unwanted flavours, while retaining natural salts and minerals for a neutral, balanced and rounded taste that even mineral waters struggle to achieve.

Many of the world’s top chefs and sommeliers agree that, thanks to Nordaq, “wine will never taste the same”. It’s been chosen by some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world, and not just for drinking. Chefs have selected Nordaq for use in their cooking, both as an ingredient and even for the washing of food and dishes.

Nordaq surpasses the quality and purity of mineral water with its taste-enhancing qualities – and can easily demand an identical, if not greater, price point.

Nordaq environment logoEnvironmentally friendly, and plastic bottle free

T&J Installations and Nordaq recognise the logistical, financial and environmental concerns of supplying bottled mineral water. We offer a superior product that doesn’t travel thousands of miles to your venue, with no single-use plastic bottles.

Reduce your carbon footprint, free up valuable time and money, and say goodbye to the unnecessary deliveries and disposals by installing Nordaq.

For more information on Nordaq, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us at enquiries@nordaq.com.

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