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Wine dispenser and wine preservation system

T&J Installations is the sole UK distributor and technical services provider for the internationally renowned and award winning By The Glass wine dispenser and wine preservation system - download brochure.

This innovative wine by the glass system maximises profit for on trade and off trade customers, by driving sales and minimising waste. As a result, customers have experienced:

  • Overall wine volume grow by 13%
  • The average price per glass sold increase by 19%
  • Overall sales value increase by 28% (because of higher volumes and a higher price per glass)

Wine by the glass

Enhance wine quality and eliminate wastage

By The Glass allows you to serve fine wines in perfect condition, and at the ideal temperature, each and every time. Red wines are often served too warm ‘at room temperature’, which can vary from day to day. By The Glass can give you consistency.

The accuracy in pouring from the wine dispenser allows you to sell every last drop. The system will dispense every drop from the bottle and measured pours can be set up, eliminating chance of over-pouring.

Wine can also be preserved and protected against oxidisation for at least 14 days - longer in most cases, maintaining the brightness of the wine and the freshness and acidity of the fruit. This makes selling more expensive bottles of wine, by the glass, easier – because of the increased life of an open bottle.

Two systems are available – ‘Standard’ and ‘Modular’. The Standard system comprises between 6 and 16 bottle dispensers, whilst the Modular provides a very affordable two bottle, single climate zone unit that can be used standalone or daisy chained together – the same dispensing flexibility but in a smaller and lighter package.

As testimony to the quality and return on investment of these systems, existing customers include, amongst others, Heston Blumenthal, Heathrow Airport, Harrods, Booths Supermarkets and a wide range of high quality restaurants, bars, hotels and wine retailers.

Card reader

By The Glass is now available with, the added extra of, a card reader system – allowing you to run your wine sales on a pre-pay model. There are numerous advantages of the pre-paid system; most importantly, it gives customers more freedom.

Customers can be charged a deposit for the card itself and then they can choose an amount of money to credit it with. This means customers can use their ‘By The Glass’ cards to explore your wines in a self-service, able to choose the size of measure they want and compare different price ranges.

Wine by the glass

Increase wine sales by offering 'tastings'

By The Glass has custom pour settings, allowing you to offer ‘tasters’ to customers, which means that customers can ‘try before they buy’ and you can host wine tasting events. Being able to offer samples makes upselling to premium wines a much easier, and fruitful, activity.

Increase staff efficiency and productivity

  • Staff can serve customers quickly and easily by removing the headaches of measuring cups and over-pours
  • Bottle changes are also made simple through the storage of a second bottle at the correct temperature
  • In some cases, the By The Glass card system can even reduce your staff requirements and overheads

T&J Installations provides full implementation, operation and support of the By The Glass wine dispenser and wine preservation system. For more information, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us.

Wine dispense news stories and case studies

Whitmore logo - wine dispense news stories

News story: Whitmore and White

T&J Installations has supplied and installed By The Glass's wine dispensing system at Whitmore & White's new store in West Kirby in the Wirral. This has tripled the value of wines they now offer by the glass.

Harvey Leonards - wine dispense - square

Case study: Harvey Leonards

T&J has supported the installation here, providing maintenance whenever needed, and Harvey Leonards recently decided to have an additional 12-bottle system installed.

Mulberry - wine dispense - square

News story: The Mulberry - Frederic Robinsons

Frederic Robinsons has become the latest company to invest in the wine dispense and preservation solution, By The Glass, supplied and installed by T&J. The new installation has taken place at one of their premier restaurant venues, The Mulberry, Conwy Marina.

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