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T&J proves it can handle the pressure, as workload for beer dispense manufacturer, Stanwell Technic, nearly doubles

T&J Installations has been providing beer dispense installation and cellar services for Stanwell’s products since 2003, but recently T&J has seen their workload for Stanwell increase significantly. This increase is largely due to growth in demand for compressors over recent years, and T&J’s expanding national reach.

Based in Yorkshire, Stanwell Technic specialises in the manufacturing of beverage dispense equipment for both the brewing and soft drinks industries. Their extensive product line includes gas/air driven beverage dispense pumps, STL oil-free compressors, multi-keg changeover and ‘bag in box’ dispense systems, as well as many other dispense accessories.
T&J Installations, amongst others, has been working alongside Stanwell Technic in delivering excellent customer satisfaction to their client base for the past 12 years. T&J’s expertise in beer dispense installation and cellar services, as well as their national framework, has been an ideal match for Stanwell’s equipment and service.
Lee Barnby, Services Manager at Stanwell Technic, said: “T&J has provided a service to Stanwell Technic for many years now and, without a doubt, we would find it difficult to function unless we had such a well operated service. We rely on the services of T&J to help maintain our reputation, and to be able to leave a service callout in their hands, and know that it will be completed efficiently, is reassuring to us and our customers.”
In addition to fulfilling installation and maintenance services for Stanwell in various regions of the UK, T&J also provides the manufacturer with crucial out-of-hours facilities for their customers, making a round-the-clock service possible.  All out-of-hours calls are forwarded to T&J who then despatch Stanwell-approved T&J engineers in response. 
With this amount of integration between the two companies, T&J has been on hand to deal with the healthy level of growth in demand, in recent years, for Stanwell’s products and services. On this, Lee said: “Our sales and servicing has increased 15% over the last 2 years, and we want undeniable quality to be at the forefront of what we do for all our new and existing customers. In light of that, rather than employ more in-house engineers, it has made sense for us to make use of T&J’s.”
Further to this, Stanwell recently made the decision to instruct T&J to support their operations in additional areas. This, together with Stanwell’s sales growth, is why T&J’s work for the manufacturer has increased, by such a substantial margin, in a relatively small amount of time. 
Managing Director of T&J, Ian Jones, said “Working so closely with Stanwell has been, and continues to be, a real pleasure. Our shared professionalism and passion for the industry made our companies highly compatible, and that has led to the current level of integration that we have achieved. 
“As experts in our field, we recognise the quality of Stanwell’s beverage dispense equipment, and it’s clear that there’s a mutual respect from them as well, for how we install and maintain it.
“We are happy to support and drive their future growth and it’s something we look forward to nurturing.”
For more information on T&J’s technical services please contact Ian Jones on 0121 783 8925 or email ijones@tjinstall.co.uk.

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