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By The Glass - Harvey Leonards Wine Tasters

Internal shot of Harvey Leonards

Harvey Leonards Wine and Ale Tasters, in Glossop, Derbyshire, is a licensed boutique that operates both an off-trade and on-trade wine and beer offering. 4 years ago, Harvey Leonards had a 6-bottle By The Glass wine dispenser. T&J has supported the installation here, providing maintenance whenever needed, and Harvey Leonards recently decided to have an additional 12-bottle system installed.

Following the initial installation’s success, Harvey Leonards wanted to increase the number of wine dispenser units on site – having already brought this totally unique opportunity to the people in the area. By The Glass wine dispenser systems offer people the chance to sample fine boutique wines in their own time and in a relaxing environment.

The new By The Glass installation by T&J, features a card reader and sits within a custom-made case. It gives customers the option to both “try before you buy” and serve themselves in their own chosen measures. Owners of Harvey Leonards, Steven Leonard and Suzanne Harvey, have been delighted with the system.


The idea behind their decision to purchase the By The Glass wine dispenser from T&J is that customers can shop smarter, and reduce the stress of choosing a wine. Harvey Leonards understands that choosing wine can be tricky, and it can be even harder to find what you actually like. So, finding a cost-effective and reliable way in which to help their customers was needed, and they found what they were looking for with the commercial wine dispenser, By The Glass.

The wine-by-the-glass concept revolves around two core hospitality values: firstly, that customers have a desire for choice and quality, and secondly, that they are willing to spend more if those desires are met.

T&J’s installation of By The Glass allows Harvey Leonard’s to have a range of samples on offer, entirely chosen by them, at optimum serving conditions. This forms part of the outlet’s continued drive to offer a personal service and gives the opportunity for customers to sample the produce of a lot of small boutique vineyards that aren’t normally accessible.

“We know that wine, and knowledge of wine, has its own stigma – and it can feel inaccessible. So, to provide an option to our customers whereby they can taste good wines, selected by us, without feeling that pressure to appear to know all there is to know about wine, is very desirable.” – Steven Leonard, Harvey Leonards.

Harvey Leonards

The card reader system

There are numerous advantages of the pre-paid system. Suzanne believes that the addition of the card reader has given the customers more freedom.

“The system allows customers to come in, pre-pay money on one of our By the Glass cards and then explore our world of wine recommendations, solo.

It’s completely self-service, you choose the measure you like and compare different price ranges. You can take the card away with you with the credit you have put on and come back any time.” – Suzanne Harvey, Harvey Leonards.

The card itself requires a deposit, and then the customers choose an amount of money to be put on the card. As customers rarely spend the full amount that they credit the card with in one night, it encourages return visits and for people to utilise the takeaway option Harvey Leonards offers.

The system has also meant that they need not recruit a member of staff to assist with their bar function.

They had been concerned that, whilst they needed help with serving wine to customers, they didn’t have enough work to require another full-time member of staff. By The Glass has filled that gap – without impacting on the customer service element, as Suzanne and Steve are free to host their customers, and operate their retail function.

Installation and aftercare

The installation was very quick. It was fitted by T&J on an evening and took just four hours, including the training on how to use the machine.

Steven said: “We’ve had very few problems with the system but with any issues that have come up, T&J has always been on hand to help. They have been really good to us. You can phone them one day and they will arrive the same day or the next.

“T&J has been immensely helpful, and we would definitely recommend them to others.”

Harvey Leonards - Wines


Steven Leonard says: “By The Glass has acted as an excellent sales tool for us, as a shop. With customers now able to easily sample the wines we have, it’s helping them to find out which wines they want to buy. As a result of this, our bottle sales are up.

“The novelty factor has also been a big selling point for us, it’s been a conversation piece and when we had the first installation, news of it spread quickly around the town.

“It breaks down so many barriers and allows you to be your own judge. As a sales tool it’s invaluable, you can try different grapes and wines that you have never had before, and not just stick to the same price range.”

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