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Pup & Duckling

Taking on the micropub project, T&J supplied a completely bespoke solution to The Pup & Duckling, allowing them to create a pub with minimal invasive works. In order to make the pub future-proof in regards to expansion, each of the taps has its own ground-level cellar work, rather than installing a complete cellar fit-out underground.

T&J supplied the refrigeration equipment and installation, with the beer flowing through the python and being dispensed at 11 degrees – the ideal serving temperature, and achieving ‘cask marque’ conditions.


Jeff Berry, the owner of The Pup & Duckling, had wondered whether it was possible to set up a pub that supplied its own beer in a small premises and having found that licensing a small premises would be a fairly simple job – Jeff decided to find a home for his new venture.

Having selected a premises, Jeff got in touch with T&J, and we subsequently surveyed the property.

Site assessment

Upon visiting the premises, and discussing with Jeff his plans for the micropub, we were able to assess the feasability of his vision and establish anything within the plan that might need adjusting.


One of the most important amendments to Jeff’s initial plans was the suggestion of utilising vertical cask widgets. This would provide a much better storage solution for what is minimal space – increasing potential floor area behind and in front of the bar.

Pup and Duckling Case study

Follow up

Originally, 4 hand pull beer engines were installed by T&J – supplying 12 beers, on rotation. However, demand upon opening was so high that beers were having to be changed too frequently. Several taps were running dry at once – a nice problem to have, but impacting on the pub’s sales and the smooth running of its operations.


T&J remedied this with the installation of two extra taps; this not only decreased the rate of keg changes, but also allowed the pub to increase the range of its beer offering to 6 beers instead of 4, at any one time.

T&J also improved the dispense quality of bag-in-box ciders that the micropub sells. The Pup & Duckling serves 6 types of still, traditional cider, such as Scrumpy, and the dispense method was upgraded with chrome taps from T&J. This created something that was more professional, both in appearance and in actual dispense.

Client feedback

Jeff, of The Pup & Duckling, said: “We have been very pleased with the service from T&J – both the installation process and aftercare have been excellent. They’ve helped us realise the best way of creating a pub in the space we acquired, and they’ve dealt with all of our teething issues immediately. They promptly allowed us to increase our dispense power with additional taps and, notably, they addressed a cider dispense issue, within a day of it arising, by modifying the bore of the taps.

“The Pup & Duckling has very quickly developed a reputation for selling great beer, served well and at the right temperature. This feedback would not have been possible without the services of T&J. The temperature of the beer is something we check regularly, and thanks to T&J, it is consistently at that sweet spot of 11 degrees – it makes a real difference.

"Having opened only two months ago, through the instant and growing popularity of this venue, we will soon be considering opening additional branches in the local area. We look forward to working with T&J on developing the business and creating new locations.”

Units A&B, Riverside Industrial Estate, Atherstone Street, Fazeley, Tamworth B78 3RW
T: 0121 783 8925