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T&J in the community supports Solihull Little League

T&J believes it is important to give back to the local area. Our chosen cause, which we support, is the Solihull Little League – a local youth football club open to children of all abilities.

The Solihull Little League is part of the Little League Association, a charity which was set up in 1969. The organisation was founded with the purpose of offering young people the chance to play structured football in a fun environment. Open to all children, for some it offers an opportunity that they would not get anywhere else.

The Solihull Little League welcomes a wide range of abilities, from kids who have grown up honing their skills since late infancy, to some who may have never kicked a ball before.

T&J Greens

Made up of children from school years 6, 7 and 8, the Little League has six mixed-ability teams. One of these teams is dubbed ‘The T&J Greens’ with T&J providing shirt sponsorship.

Each mixed-ability team is made up of 11 players. Each game is played in a 9 v 9 format – in line with current FA strategies for player development – 2 children on each team begin the game as a sub and each child plays at least half a game each week. Every player at some point in the season will start the game as a sub, regardless of their ability. Little League continually aims to make things as fair as possible.

In total, Solihull Little League caters for 100 kids each week. Outside of the six teams, training is given to boys and girls from the age of 4 years and up. Many of these younger children stay with the training available here until they can join one of the 6 teams, at the age of 10.

Aside from the exercise, the club offers children the chance to learn the ways of the game, refine motor-skills and spatial awareness, and, importantly, nurture crucial life-skills such as self-confidence, resilience and teamwork.

Parents and kids alike make light of the friendliness and fun nature of the club as being something they appreciate a lot.

Solihull Little League also produces a Sunday football team, made up of the best players from the league. Typically, ‘Sunday football’ is considered a harsher environment, but the time players spend with Solihull Little League helps to prepare them for a more competitive experience.

Michael Hughes, Manager of Solihull Little League, said:"What the League does for the community is perhaps the biggest achievement for us. The kids gain a lot from their time playing here - they develop socially, physically and mentally, and they make friends that they may never have met otherwise.

"It can also be the start of something great, too. For some players, Solihull Little League is somewhere they can refine their skills over the course of their time with us and go on to progress to local teams and beyond."

Ian Jones, Managing Director of T&J Installations, said: "We are very proud to support this local cause. Having volunteered with similar football clubs, I know what it has to offer the kids. It's a great feeling, to know that they get kids out from behind their computers, and encourage them to socialise and build relationships.

"Volunteers here are not just football coaches, they're community workers too - because the club brings local kids and families together, teaches children a level of discipline, and all whilst providing a fun environment."

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