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Mick Horton helps to raise money for local youth football teams

Veteran T&J beer technician, Mick Horton, who last year celebrated 25 years of working for the company, participated in a 10-mile charity walk for Wolverhampton Wanderer's Molineux Stadium to The Hawthorns, home of rivals West Bromwich Albion.

The walk, organised by Darlaston Town (1874) FC, took place on Sunday 21st July, raising over £6,000 for the five youth football teams.

Mick, who coaches one of the under 14s teams, joined over 100 players, parents and Club Officials, both as chaperone to the team and as a fellow fundraiser.

Mick Horton fundraising

Mick Horton said: "It was a great, sunny day, and a lot of fun. We raised a fair amount of money for the five teams who were meeting each other for the first time, and it was a bit of a bonding exercise for them too!

"Funding for youth football isn't what it should be, when you think about how it develops talent and gives the kids something positive and productive to do. That's why we're raising it ourselves. Thank you to everyone that has donated, it's a great help."

T&J Installations is no stranger to supporting local youth football teams, as sponsors of its very own team, The T&J Greens within Solihull Little League.

We'd like to congratulate Mick and the rest of the walkers on raising a great sum to kickstart the Darlaston Town (1874) Youth Teams Programme, and encourage anybody that would like to contribute to the team - donate here.

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