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Line cleaning

Line cleaning is probably the most important and fundamental part of cellar management. It is imperative that lines are cleaned regularly and it is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that this is carried out.

Chemisphere beer line cleaning solutions

It is advised that beer lines are cleaned every 7 days without fail but please refer to specific brand owner’s guidelines and specifications. If beer lines are left for too long without cleaning, then yeast and bacteria are allowed to build up, resulting in poor hygiene and beer quality which primarily results in unprofitable beer.

T&J Installations provides three service options within this area:

A complete line cleaning service

We currently undertake line cleaning for all Mitchells & Butlers wine installations.

Supply of line cleaning materials

We can provide all the necessary materials for you to clean your own lines. Please see our beer line cleaning products section.

Installation of new, innovative systems for extending the time required between line cleaning

At T&J Installations, we are able to provide time and cost-effective problem solving solutions, without compromising the quality and taste of your end product. Endorsed by the Greene King brewing company and Belhaven Brewery, we install an innovative system manufactured by BeerTech. The BeerTech system extends regular line cleaning to 21 days over the recommended 7-10 day cycle and effectively reduces cleaning cost and valuable time, resulting in less beer wastage.

If you would like to know more or to have a BeerTech system installed, please contact us.

T&J tip

Beer is classed as a food product and therefore it is important to maintain a consistent cleaning routine to avoid any potential hazards occurring. Not only does regular cleaning ensure that any potential hazards are eliminated, it also ensures a good quality dispense and maintains customer satisfaction.

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