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The perfect pint

There are many contributing factors that make up the perfect pint. Within this part of the website we will try to explain the importance of good housekeeping within a cellar.

It is vital that the cellar is kept clear and clean with adequate lighting to ensure that the beer is kept in the finest of conditions.

The cellar is for beer only, it is not designed as a fridge or general store. Keep fruit, vegetables and all other food products in alternative refrigerated areas.

Perfect pint 01
A clean and tidy cellar
Perfect pint 02
Temperature (maintained between 11-13°C)
Perfect pint 03
Accurate stock rotation
Perfect pint 04
Clean lines and hygiene
Perfect pint 05
Choose a set day every week so that line cleaning becomes a routine
Perfect pint 06
Correct handling and storage – stillage and tapping of cask ales
Perfect pint 07
Keep your bar area clean and tidy at all times
Perfect pint 08
Presentation – clean glasses and correct pouring
Perfect pint 09
Don’t forget the most important of all - great customer service!
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