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Supply chain management solutions

We provide our clients, both national breweries and regional brand owners, with a full stock management system from supplier to location to installation. Our centrally-based 18,000 sq ft warehouse and headquarters is where we manage and store over 5,000 individual lines.

This facility effectively reduces costs within your supply chain by removing the need for you to hold stock of beer and drinks dispensing equipment, and therefore reduce capital investment. It also enables you to focus on activities that are core to your business.

Supply chain solutions

Our dedicated stock management controls the purchasing and storing of brand owners’ installation equipment so that we can supply equipment to your installations in the most time, cost and resource efficient way. We utilise the Kanban stock management system so that stock is supplied in direct accordance with demand. This enables us to be very versatile, allowing us to respond to changes in your routine stock requirements - such as seasonal or cyclical demands and growing trends - in both an immediate and accurate manner.

The benefits you receive from our supply chain management solutions for beer and drinks dispensing include:

  • Reduced cost within the supply chain, in conjunction with our dedicated Supply Chain and Purchasing Manager - we can reduce your stock overheads by 100%
  • An outsourced service for the purchasing of drinks dispensing equipment and parts - not only reducing demand on your administration staff, but also ensuring that purchasing is done by a specialist
  • Access to buying power, with the administration burden removed - reducing costs in both administration and stock purchases, driven down by our economies of scale and unique buying power
  • Stockholding enables improved service levels to clients with next day delivery service - our stockholding and installation work ensures high quality and prompt problem solving
All material and supply chain issues are dealt with on our customers’ behalf, including:
  • Supplier price negotiations
  • Regular improvement reviews of both products and services
  • Maximising of benefits through genuine partnership
  • Generic or bespoke refurbishment specifications
  • Fonts, keg couplers, gas regulators, coolers, gas pumps, taps
  • Reducing spend on new equipment
  • Volume rebate reports on refurbished equipment

We understand that tracking the progress on a delivery, installation or repair is crucial to the smooth running of your business. We provide you with access to our online job tracking system, a bespoke and integrated service management system, designed specifically for the drinks dispense installation and service industry. The information on this portal is updated in real time - you never need to chase an update.

T&J can also distribute product to our customers’ own in-house brewery technicians - forwarding you all of the same benefits.

For more information on our supply chain management solutions, or to calculate your potential return on investment, please contact us.

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