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BFBi - Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association.

BOC Sureserve - The UK’s largest supplier of gases and services to the hospitality and leisure industries (www.bocsureserve.co.uk).

Branded TSE - The specific equipment used for the dispense of a particular brand of beer. The branded items are mainly those items visible to the customer on top of the counter, which bear the logo or name of the supplying brand owner, but may include other equipment which is used to distinguish certain characteristics of the relevant brand.

Cask - The term usually used for the container in which beer continues to ferment until served.

Constellation - Constellation Brands Inc, of which Matthew Clark is a subsidiary.

Draught beer - Beer dispensed from a keg or cask.

Drinkaware - An independent charity to create awareness and promote responsible drinking in the UK (www.drinkaware.co.uk).

FBI - The Five Brewers Initiative is an informal agreement between the five major brewers (at the time) whereby (i) they will provide secondary lines to secondary suppliers at the pubs at which they are the principal supplier and, (ii) where there is a switch of principal supplier at a pub, the outgoing supplier must sell and the incoming brewer must buy the shared generic TSE at the pub for a standard price fixed under the FBI. In addition, non-shared generic TSE which is specific to a brand owner is also transferred on a change of user at a standard price fixed under the FBI.

Generic TSE - Generic TSE is all the beer dispense equipment that is not branded TSE, including the lines, the python, the remote cooler and keg connectors. Generic TSE is used for the dispense of any beers regardless of brand and forms part of the infrastructure necessary in an outlet for serving draught beer and other drinks. Generic TSE is either shared or non-shared (specific to each brand owner). Shared generic TSE (the remote cooler and the python) is usually the responsibility of the FBI principal supplier or regional brewer. Whilst regional brewers do not participate in the FBI, they own the generic TSE in outlets which they own or for which they are the main beer supplier. Non-shared generic TSE which is specific to a particular beer line is the responsibility of the brand owner who uses it.

Innserve - Innserve Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innserve Holdings.

Keg - Sealed container usually for inert chilled and filtered beers.

M&B - Mitchells & Butlers.

Matthew Clark - Matthew Clark plc, a subsidiary of Constellation.

Molson Coors - Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Ltd, a national brewer and member of the FBI and a wholly owned subsidiary of Adolph Coors Company. Incorporated in the USA.

Non-shared generic TSE - Includes equipment specific to a particular beer line, such as the pump and controller.

On-licence - An on-licence authorizes the sale of intoxicating liquor for consumption and in some cases of the premises.

Pub - Public house (other than those licensed under Part IV of the Licensing Act 1964) having an on-licence.

Pubco - A company, other than a brewer, owning or controlling a number of pubs, usually on a national basis.

Python - A generic tube apparatus used to contain and insulate multiple beer pipes.

Regional brewers - Brewers who supply beer to regions of Great Britain and supply less than 5 per cent of beer in Great Britain.

Shared generic TSE - Includes remote coolers and pythons (enclosing beer lines), which tends to be built into the fabric of the building.

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