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T&J 'By The Glass' installations bring success for California Wine promotion

David Porter wins California Wine promotion By The Glass wine dispenser supports California Wines

Last September, we brought you news of the 5th annual buying trip to the state of California, organised by Off Licence News and The Wine Institute of California. Following their trip, the participating UK off-trade wine sellers each received the installation of a ‘By The Glass’ wine dispensing and preservation system, courtesy of T&J Installations, to help them in the battle to win the California Wine promotion. The results are now in!

The buying trip took a small number of UK wine retailers to California to sample wines that are seldom, if at all, seen on British shelves. Following the trip, they ran a 31-day promotion in which they achieved a dramatic increase in sales of Californian wine. The retailer with the best wine promotion earned themselves a ‘By The Glass’ 3 Modular tasting machine. 

‘By The Glass’ allows outlets to effectively offer wines in various quantities, from standard glass measures to tastings. The system preserves an opened bottle of wine at optimum serving conditions – without oxidisation – for a minimum of 14 days, longer in most cases, making the sampling of, and therefore possible sale of, higher priced wines a viable prospect. The dispense element ensures that samples are poured accurately and at the optimum temperature for that wine, so customers experience the wine at its best.

The most successful participant this year was David Porter of Lea & Sandeman - pictured above right. Before the trip, Lea & Sandeman listed around 15 wines from California. That has now doubled and Porter says “they are all selling really well”.

“The promotional month was great for us,” he says. “We are an old-school, classic wine merchant and our customers have classic tastes. It was really interesting to show them wines from California, from every corner of the state, from £10 to £75. It was a real shot in the arm for the team as they sell the wines going forward.”

Asked if it was a challenge to convert his traditionally-minded customer base, Porter says: “Younger consumers are very open-minded and that’s a real trend. They are very happy to trust us as wine merchants and to try new things, as long as they aren’t too expensive.

“Putting on these £10-£25 wines has been a particular eye-opener for them. I am definitely now more open to searching, tasting and finding out more about California. I still have my eye on a couple more, and the team is very enthusiastic.”

By the Glass 2 modular system

‘By the Glass’ owner, Ivo Riemens, discusses how his machines can enhance a retailer’s ability to sell wines from California and from other regions: “The technology is one of the hottest trends across the world for its unlimited potential to offer better wines and more choice by the glass and in perfect condition.

“What we love most about our technology is how it helps to democratise the world of wine, allowing everybody to enjoy and discover high-class wines by the glass, instead of having to order an expensive bottle without knowing how it tastes, and also by themselves, without feeling lectured or intimidated by so-called specialists.”

Ian Jones, Managing Director of T&J, said: “Over time, this project has a significant impact on UK buying trends, both by and from specialist off-trade wine outlets across the country. The ‘By The Glass’ systems we installed have helped these retailers to demonstrate the experience each bottle offers, and the signature Californian characteristics they have sampled first-hand.”

For more information on ‘By The Glass’ wine dispense and preservation systems, and how they can help you increase sales of premium wines, please contact Ian Jones or Paul Cassells on 0121 783 8925 or email info@tjinstall.co.uk.

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