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T&J, Mulberry and Wine: Frederic Robinsons on wine dispense

wine dispense and preservation system at Mulberry Paul Robinson installs ByThe Glass

Frederic Robinsons has become the latest company to invest in the wine dispense and preservation solution, By The Glass, supplied and installed by T&J. The new installation has taken place at one of their premier restaurant venues, The Mulberry, Conwy Marina, Wales.

Robinsons, which owns 300 tenanted and managed pubs, inns and hotels across the North West of England, had been looking for some time to find a method for making higher quality, high ticket wines more accessible and marketable in their most upmarket venues. Robinsons eventually chose By The Glass and instructed sole UK distributor, T&J Installations, to supply and install the wine preservation and dispense system.

Selling higher ticket wines, by the glass, where opened wine is being stored by traditional methods, is seen as fairly uneconomical to many owners of licensed premises. This is due to the risk of the remaining wine going unsold within a couple of days – and the cost of the product to the bar is too much to lose.

Paul Robinson, Director at Frederic Robinsons - pictured right, said: “Some of our customers shy away from our best wines, because of the commitment to buy a bottle – settling instead for a cheaper option. We have been wanting to offer single glasses of our highest quality wines to customers for quite a while, so when we came across By The Glass, it struck us as the best way to do this.

“T&J was very helpful, in the run up to the installation, which itself went very smoothly. It looks great behind the bar, and it has been a conversation starter with our customers.


“Now, we can offer these rarer, higher quality wines in other quantities than a full bottle. Our customers have really appreciated both the flexibility that the system offers, and the optimum serving conditions it provides – because they’re getting the best possible quality for their money.

“Individual glasses represent a significant amount of our overall wine sales. So, we not only have those inclined to buy bottles now trying glasses of our premium wines, we also have those who tend to buy by the glass, venturing further down the wine list.

“The result of this is that the average cost of a glass of wine that we are selling has risen significantly – not surprising when you consider that some of these wines can demand £15 per glass. The Mulberry has proven to us that a wine preservation system is the solution, and By The Glass has been very successful for us.”

Ian Jones, T&J’s Managing Director, said: “This is a classic case of quality over quantity. It’s a big trend in the beverage market, and that’s why our clients, and their customers, are loving the system. They appreciate good quality products, and By The Glass allows our clients to deliver a wider and more accessible wine range to choose from.

“Then there’s the overall improvement in quality of wine serving conditions. By The Glass dispenses the wine at the best possible quality – ensuring optimum temperature and aeration, so it never tastes better than it does from this system.”

For more information on wine dispensing and preservation systems, please contact Ian Jones at ijones@tjinstall.co.uk or Paul Cassells at pcassells@tjinstall.co.uk, or call 0121 783 8925.

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