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T&J installs tank beer at Islington MEATLiquor

MEATLiquor tank beer Tank beer installation at MEATLiquor

The Islington branch of the renowned ‘burgers and beer’ restaurant chain, MEATLiquor, is the latest venue to receive a beer dispense and preservation upgrade in the form of tank beer – in a programme that will see more sites across the country undergo tank beer installations in order to serve Budvar beer on tap.

With a brand new venue to fit out – and an installation bespoke to the client’s needs, T&J Installations supplied MEATLiquor with the loading specifications required to accommodate the four-tank set up requested in the brief.  Floor space is obviously at an absolute premium in London, so creative use of that space is invaluable to a restaurant or bar.  MEATliquor’s desire to store a high volume of beer, in a venue where cellar space is severely challenged, led to the innovative solution of installing the tanks overhead – leaving the small amount of cellar space free to store the restaurant’s other drinks offerings.
Each tank can hold 500 litres of beer, the equivalent of 10 kegs, with T&J installing four stainless steel tanks in the overhead space of MEATLiquor’s bar.  This means that, in one zone, a maximum of 2,000 litres of beer can be held at a time – equating to just under 4,000 pints.  Even if the venue’s cellar stored only beer, it is unlikely that it would be able to come close to the storage volume offered by the tank beer solution – and this is before considering tank beer’s other benefits. 
Tank beer has excellent preservation qualities allowing pubs, bars and restaurants to serve brewery fresh beer, pasteurised or unpasteurised, for up to 21 days.  In Budvar’s case, it can still supply at this high level of quality, even with the additional lead time of being imported from the Czech Republic.
In addition to the space-saving benefits of tank beer, the presentation of the stainless tanks forms part of the ‘point-of-sale’ within the bar – a focal point and a real differentiator.

Meat liquor tank beer 2

Tank beer - "the way forward"

Boyd Collins, General Manager of MEATLiquor N1, said: “The process of installation was very smooth and, since then, it’s been a dream to use. It saves us a lot of time and hassle – reducing disruptions to service with its high capacity tanks and automatic changeover system.

"The installation above the bar looks excellent, the rustic aesthetic lends itself well to the restaurant and the enclosure makes it feel as if you’re in a vintage garage. The tanks have become an excellent conversation starter, making selling the product very easy, and opening up opportunities for our staff to upsell too. Budvar is the only lager we supply on tap, and having that lager stored overhead, in a permanent installation has drastically reduced the number of full and empty kegs we have to physically negotiate and store throughout the week.

 "Budvar is clean and crisp – and it’s been very well received by our customers, old and new. The gas that pushes the beer through the line never touches the product, instead it squeezes the bag in the tanks. Having a beer untouched by carbon dioxide, or another gas mixture used for pressuring a line, means that the beer is uncontaminated and, combining that with the lack of kegs involved, the taste is always consistent.

"T&J have been as good as their word, they really have – the quality of installation alone justifies that statement. Tank beer does suit our restaurant in all respects, as too does Budvar, but through the experience of using the system, I must say it looks like the way forward – and worth considering - for many different types of pubs, bars or any other venue.”
In respect of efficiency, the tank beer method saves time and effort. Reducing the number of vessels holding beer has various advantages.  In practice, each traditional keg is different, carrying its own chance issues that could prevent you from serving the beer it holds – either temporarily or altogether.  With tank beer, you’re dealing with the same vessel every time, the bag inside is replaced when the beer is replenished and the beer is ready to pour after every refill.

Meat liquor venue

A totally managed service from T&J

Paul Jones, Operations Director for T&J, said: “It is a perfectly controlled system, with no operator interaction or outside influences. In a multiple tank set up, everything is automated – as one tank empties, the lines begin drawing beer from the next one.  On top of this, we offer a totally managed service with tank beer – we supply and replenish the beer pre-chilled, clean the tanks and monitor the lines, on a weekly basis.”
In addition, customers have the option to upgrade to a web portal service – allowing T&J to remotely monitor important elements of the system, including temperature and pressure and also provide reports on beer volumes sold – on any given day – providing valuable information on sales trends
For more information on installing tank beer solutions, please contact Paul Jones on 0121 783 8925 or pjones@tjinstall.co.uk.

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