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T&J Installations puts the 'love' back into wine dispensing, tasting and preservation

By The Glass wine tasting at Love Wine By The Glass wine preservation

As sole UK distributor for the award winning By The Glass wine dispensing and preservation system, T&J has now brought the wine tasting advantages of the wine-by-the-glass system to the UK, with their latest installation at Love Wine in Woodstock, Oxfordshire

Other UK customers already include Heston Blumenthal, Heathrow Airport, Harrods, Booths Supermarkets, The Perfectionists Café and Hakkasan Restaurant.  

At Love Wine, T&J Installations has supplied and installed ten By The Glass Modular Wine Stations, each comprising a two-bottle, single climate zone, enabling twenty different wines – ten reds and ten whites – to be available for tasting at any given time, which enables customers to try before they buy.

Richard Leonard, Proprietor of this boutique-style wine merchant, said: “We’re using state-of-the-art wine dispensing technology to keep the wines fresh and at the perfect temperature, and to dispense the required measure for tastings, which enable the wine to be appreciated rather than just quaffed.”

The technology, which ensures that you get an accurate measure of wine served at the perfect temperature, is simple, yet impressive.  Then there’s the By The Glass SmartWine app.  The app is web browser based, with a web address tailored around your company name and customised to support your outlet’s brand.  Operating on a credit system, credits are bought at point of sale and, with the customer logged into the app, these credits are then allocated to this person’s unique profile within the app.  With credits value assigned to measures, according to their bottle value, customers are free to choose which wines they wish to sample. 

Side by side wine app 

Using the app, customers can also access the retailer’s wine tasting notes, rate wines and make their own notes.  They can even share their wine tasting experience on social media and, of course, order wine direct from the app.

The wine-by-the-glass concept revolves around two core hospitality values: firstly, that customers have a desire for choice and quality, and secondly, that they are willing to spend more if those desires are met.  By The Glass developed a high-tech solution to meet these needs, which allows outlets to preserve opened bottles of wine as well dispense them in custom measurements under perfect serving conditions.  It also enables staff to serve wine buying customers a lot quicker, and customers to self-serve with the new By The Glass phone app.

As Richard from Love Wine reminds us:  “The joy of selecting a wine by its taste rather than its label is important.  Good quality wine should not be rushed, but sipped gently and savoured.  There’s a strong correlation between the wines we have available on taste and the wines we sell.  This underlines the importance of being able to offer tastings in order to promote sales, and if we can offer more expensive wines to taste, because they’re preserved for longer and under perfect conditions, then we will increase the value of those sales as well.”

Customers who benefit from the installation of the system have seen:

  • Overall wine volume grow by 13%
  • The average price per glass sold increase by 19%
  • Overall sales value increase by 28% (as a consequence of higher volumes and a higher price per glass)

Now, with the help of T&J Installations, By The Glass wine dispensing systems are available for purchase and installation in all licensed premises across the UK including wine retailers and merchants, restaurants, bars and hotels.  For more information, please contact Marianne Hicks at T&J Installations on 0121 783 8925 or email mhicks@tjinstall.co.uk.

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