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Oast House quenches Manchester thirst for Budvar with T&J tank beer installation

The Oast House venue in Manchester, well known for its high quality selection of craft beers and ales, has given Budvar tank beer pride of place – literally, right at its entrance, with a bespoke installation care of T&J.

For the first time, drinkers in the city are being offered the true taste of the hallowed cellars within the Budweiser Budvar brewery – at the Oast House in the heart of Spinningfields. The venue, which was once used to roast hops in the 16th century, provides a vintage escape from the high street pubs, together with a unique outdoor space.

Warren McCoubrey, Beer Guru at The New World Trading Company, said: “To be chosen as the first site outside of London for Tankové Pivo ‘tastes sweet’ for the team at The Oast House.  We had been looking at the current drink suppliers working with a tank beer system, however, the quality of Budvar was a considerable selling point in the decision making process.

“The installation itself looks amazing and the process of integrating the tanks was very smooth.  T&J were a great help, installing the tanks at night over a 3-day period, causing minimum disruption to our operations – service didn’t skip a beat.  The tanks instantly became the feature attraction of the venue – a real show-stopper and a great selling point.”

The taste, says Warren, “is all down to a long production process – 10-12 days brewing, followed by 90 days in horizontal maturation tanks (many UK lagers are produced in just 48 hours) – and quality ingredients: Saaz red hops (Humulus lupus), Moriavian barley (Hordeum vulgaris) and ice age water drawn from a 300-metre well.  The unpasteurised beer must be promptly exported from the Czech Republic directly to the Oast House in Manchester, where customers are consuming as much as 880 pints a day.

“We work hard to ensure that we have a complementary menu of food and drink, at the high quality that our customers have come to expect – Budvar offers a sophisticated product with a taste that’s also simple, and simple means accessible.  Since the installation of the tanks, Budvar sales have fast become the biggest seller – now outselling the rest of our product range at a rate of 2 to 1 – which is phenomenal.
“Many of our discerning drinkers know the brewery and raised a few tankards to the arrival of the tanks – but the strength of popularity that has followed has taken us all by surprise.  We are a venue that sees a lot of new faces, daily, and we are excited to share our Budweiser Budvar Tankové Pivo with those who have yet to experience the taste from the new hallowed cellars of Budweis. We’re sure they won’t be disappointed.”

Tank beer - Budweiser

Paul Jones, Operations Director of T&J, said: “We’re greatly encouraged by the reception Budvar, tank beer and our accompanying service is getting, as the program of rollout continues to unfold.  We now have a venue outside of London serving the product through this system, and that’s excellent.

The installation at the Oast House required a bespoke engineering approach, to incorporate the new tanks either side of the entrance to the venue.
“The buzz we see being generated by each new Budvar serving venue is very promising for the future of both Budvar Tankové Pivo and the tank beer system – testimony to the quality of the product.”

For more information on installing tank beer solutions, please contact Paul Jones on 0121 783 8925 or pjones@tjinstall.co.uk.

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