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T&J 'freeze up' time for dry ice company, Aquila, with new partnership

T&J has begun a new line of work, providing installation, maintenance and servicing of Aquila Triventek’s equipment for producing dry ice.

Danish company, Aquila Triventek, manufacturer of dry ice machines and high pressure cleaning systems, has enlisted T&J to provide fulfilment of the installation and maintenance of its products. Aquila’s product line also includes machines used to clean, store and transport products in controlled environments.
Following a scheme of training, selected T&J engineers are now able to work with this niche equipment, allowing Aquila to offer a comprehensive service; Aquila supplies the equipment and T&J provides installation and maintenance.
Companies within the pharmaceuticals sector represent a significant percentage of Aquila’s overall client base. Pharmaceutical companies purchase dry ice in large quantities, thousands of tonnes at a time, for the refrigeration of bio-pharmaceuticals during transportation. However, upon delivery, a considerable portion of it has already been lost to sublimation – but Aquila offers equipment that allows these companies to efficiently produce their own dry ice, on-site.

Dry ice production

Dry ice

Aquila’s unique recovery units can be used with a pelletizer to recapture and convert liquid CO2 into dry ice with unprecedented efficiency due to a patented single-stage process. It is an affordable tool for increasing profits and reducing cost which gives the whole idea of own dry ice production a new perspective. In an automatic process system, such as this, losses due to sublimation during transport, storage and handling can almost be eliminated. 
There’s no need to wait on suppliers, who can often have no available stock – so potential downtime in operations is greatly reduced.


The advantage of transporting chilled products with a dry ice refrigeration method is that dry ice sublimes and leaves no residue. Having your own on-site dry ice production can be very useful in regard to the limited impact made on both the products themselves and the container in which they are transported.


Dry ice can be an ideal method of cleaning. When dry ice is sprayed at high pressure it can remove dirt from surfaces. Pellets are fed into a blasting machine and this method leaves no residue marks. 

Paul Jones, Operations Director of T&J, said: “A partnership between ourselves and Aquila is a logical diversification from the beverage industry; T&J is well suited to work with the machinery they produce. Our extensive knowledge of gas systems gives us the perfect set of transferrable skills for the job. 
“This equipment demands service levels synonymous with our brand, and our infrastructure ensures that we can provide their customer base with the necessary engineering skills, across the country and throughout the year.”
For further information on T&J’s transferrable technical expertise and how it can provide you with nationwide round-the-clock support, please contact Paul Jones on 0121 783 8925 or pjones@tjinstall.co.uk.

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