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T&J brings Budweiser Budvar to Festive Taste of London

Budweiser Budvar served as one of the main beer providers for this year’s ‘Taste of London: The Festive Edition’ at Tobacco Dock, London. The four-day event saw T&J Installations provide its unique tank beer mobile bar and all the logistics for dispensing 1,000 litres of Budweiser Budvar across eight, 4-5 hour sessions.

The winter edition of Taste of London is visited by foodies from all over the world who come for London’s latest, greatest and most exciting restaurants’ taster size signature dishes. World-class chefs give live cooking demonstrations and, as always, there are many opportunities to get hands-on with interactive masterclasses and shop from an array of food and drink purveyors.

Taste of London is all about quality food and drink that represents the palate of the City – Budvar is a popular beer in London and the tank beer system represents the event’s sentiments exactly.

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Josh Nesfield, UK Marketing Manager of Budweiser Budvar, said: “We were thrilled to bring Budvar to Taste of London Festive, where we converted one of the brand rooms into our Brew Cellar Bar, allowing the 35,000 customers visiting the event over the four days to experience Budweiser Budvar tank beer from our mobile tank bar.

“The tank beer system has real impact with consumers and offers a ‘talking point’ for an event or brand – as something they may not have seen before in a mobile format. Budvar’s presence at Taste of London affirmed that tank beer is a very effective brand and event booster.”

T&J was on hand throughout the festival to ensure that the tank beer system was dispensing effectively for every pint. T&J provided their unique tank beer mobile bar and all the logistics for keeping the beer flowing. The bar, the only one of its type in the country, was replenished by the T&J team between event sessions from additional tanks stored in a chill truck located nearby.

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Josh continued, “The T&J team was instrumental in the success of the event – installing the bar and liaising with on-site logistics teams to ensure a refilling schedule that fitted around tight timings and changeovers between the two sessions per day, throughout the event.

“The T&J team was always just a phone call away, when needed, and responded at short notice to come down to the event in London to respond to a need for a refill. 

“T&J’s professional and friendly approach instilled a massive sense of trust and was a real welcome for a marketing manager, who had a number of other aspects of organisation to worry about at an event of this scale! They’re also very knowledgeable about the beer and the category, as well as the obvious technical side.”

Paul Jones, Operations Director at T&J, said: “The team did great work on what was a challenging job. Combining two of our specialties for the event, tank beer and mobile bars, made a great pairing and it demonstrates just how versatile tank beer can actually be.”

Budvar is regarded as one of the world's great lager conditioned beers, made with only the finest ingredients. First class cones from locally grown red bine Saaz hops, natural soft water from underground ice age lakes and carefully selected grains of Moravian barley make Budweiser Budvar Original a truly great beer.

Brewed and conditioned for 102 days in Budweis, Czech Republic, the unpasteurised beer is transported to the UK and delivered by T&J to the various gastro pubs and bars where they have installed the revolutionary tank beer system, which preserves the beer for up to 3 weeks.


For more information on installing tank beer solutions, please contact Paul Jones on 0121 783 8925 or pjones@tjinstall.co.uk.

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