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T&J installs tank beer at The Botanist, Newcastle

Bar at the botanist newcastle

Continuing a series of installations at the venues of New World Trading Company, T&J has installed the tanks for Budweiser Budvar tank beer at the Newcastle branch of The Botanist.

The Botanist venues usually incorporate elements of plant life in their design and Newcastle provides one of the more striking examples of this – with a sycamore tree at its centre, reaching out high above the bar. 

For the first time, drinkers in the city are being offered the true taste of the hallowed cellars within the Budweiser Budvar brewery. The beer held in the tanks is a ‘brewery fresh’, unpasteurised product which is transported in refrigerated tanks direct from Budweiser Budvar’s brewery in the Czech Republic, over the course of three days. 

Budweiser’s premium lager brand, Budvar, is most commonly available in bottles in the UK, but has seen great success in Europe with the tank beer method.

Tank beer is a system of beer storage and dispensing that provides fresh, cask conditioned beer, as if it was direct from the brewery. Not only is the sheer freshness and quality of the product markedly different, but the tank beer system is also very space efficient compared with barrels.
Over the past couple of years, the Budvar tank beer brand has been rolled out across the country with a series of landmark installations, care of T&J. 

 Budvar Tank Beer Pint

Budweiser chose T&J as the preferred installer for Budvar tanks, with a shared goal of ensuring that beer is served exactly how it’s intended to be.
T&J conducted the installation of the four tanks at The Botanist, Newcastle, in night sessions in order to avoid disrupting service. This installation included two tanks on show in the venue and a further two in the cellar – delivering a combined capacity of 2,000 litres.
The tanks on show are in the new red and white painted design from Budweiser Budvar. These were developed to resemble the brewing tanks that can be found at the Budweiser Budvar brewery in the Czech Republic.
New World Trading Company has provided several of the venues for T&J’s tank beer installations. The aesthetics of the tanks on show complement the venues in NWTC’s portfolio – forming a point of interest and a conversation piece at the bar.
Kieran Hartley, Beer Guru of New World Trading Company, said: “The excellent reputation for quality that The New World Trading Company has attained means that our consumers trust us to provide something premium and exciting for them to enjoy each time they visit.
“My aim is to ensure we provide every consumer with the best choice of product and the best experience to go along with it. Ale advocates have had a lot to be passionate about of late, but now it is time for lager lovers to get excited about something new!”
Paul Jones, T&J Operations Director, said: “It’s great to see the UK roll-out of Budweiser Budvar’s Tankové Pivo tank beer push further north, to Newcastle. We’re very proud of the work we have done across the New World Trading Company portfolio so far.”
For further information on the tank beer system, call Paul Jones on 0121 783 8925, or email info@tjinstall.co.uk.    

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