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The Swan chooses T&J wine dispense solution

Wine ‘art more lovely and more temperate’ at The Swan Shakespeare’s Globe, now, thanks to T&J’s wine dispense solution.

As sole distributor of the By The Glass system, T&J has seen a healthy level of interest in its wine dispense and preservation solutions. One of the most recent installations of By The Glass was at London’s The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe – bar and restaurant.

By The Glass is a system that allows outlets to effectively offer wines in various quantities, from standard glass measures to tastings. The system preserves an opened bottle of wine at optimum serving conditions, without oxidisation for at least 14 days - longer in most cases, making the sale of higher priced wines, by the glass, a viable prospect. The dispense element ensures that glasses are poured accurately and at the optimum temperature for that wine, meaning the drink is served to customers at the highest possible quality.

The specific requirements of The Swan, as both a bar for the Globe theatre and as a restaurant, highlight the versatility of By the Glass. The system is well suited for the demands of their premises - where wine sales by the bottle are not the leading trend - allowing them to maximise potential sales and profits.

 Wine dispense

Carol Dean, Projects & Facilities Director at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, said: “We had been looking to install a wine system into the first floor restaurant for a while. When we came across the By The Glass system, we preferred it to any of the alternatives, as it offered the best flexibility, which was ideal for our needs.”

“We had great support from T&J, both before installation and during the installation process itself, which was very easy – with training provided to us immediately after. We have had no issues with the system since it went in and it has allowed us to offer more interesting wines, by the glass, to match the tastes of our audiences.

“Being part of the Shakespeare’s Globe complex, approximately 50% of our business is pre and post theatre performances, both matinee and evening. These customers mostly prefer to have a glass of something before going to the play, rather than a bottle. The ‘By The Glass’ system allows us to promote interesting wines, and encourage customers to perhaps have two small glasses and match with their food, rather than the one glass they may have had. It also works well with the à la carte diners, as it allows the flexibility to explore without over-committing.

“The customer feedback, especially from the theatre sector of the market, has been very positive. From our point of view, the system has definitely saved on wastage and increased wine sales – through our ability to offer a more interesting product range, in smaller quantities.”

T&J Installations’ Managing Director, Ian Jones said: “It’s been great to see the technology being embraced by outlets in the UK. This wine dispensing and preservation system is unique and it has so many great selling points. It delivers a great return on investment by achieving a higher price point for wines in raising the quality at point of service, making it possible to sell expensive wines in glass quantities and reducing wine wastage through effective preservation.

“The ‘By The Glass’ wine dispense system, along with our other high technology dispense solutions such as FastPour, Tank Beer and our Spirit Dispenser, are generating a lot of interest and sales momentum too.

“In 2016, we anticipate the appeal of hi-tech beverage dispense systems to continue. These systems represent something we have always stood for, quality – and high quality in all aspects of drinks dispense is one of the biggest trends in the market today. They raise the bar, so to speak, and our clients – and the UK beverage industry as a whole - have begun to recognise this, just as we have.”  

For more information on the By The Glass wine dispense and preservation system, or any of the innovative dispense solutions offered by T&J Installations, please contact Ian Jones at ijones@tjinstall.co.uk or call 0121 783 8925.

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