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Nordaq water served to the stars at The Restaurant Association Gala Dinner

Nordaq premium filtered water sponsored The Restaurant Association Gala Dinner, held at The Savoy Hotel, London on 25th February 2019. Nordaq water was served to all guests, alongside the night’s food and wine menu.

T&J Installations is the sole UK technical services provider for Nordaq, a unique, patented water filtering system which turns local tap water into restaurant water of the highest quality.

On the night, T&J made sure that the water was in constant supply to all guests. T&J also supported the Dinner last year, with its involvement helping to make the event a success for Nordaq. 

Founded in 1967, The Restaurant Association was formed and works to unite the UK’s world-leading restaurant scene with all its vibrancy and community spirit.

RA Gala Dinner 2019

The Gala Dinner, which Nordaq has now sponsored twice, is organised by UKHospitality and The Nth Degree Club and brings together stars, chefs and leading names from the hospitality industry to celebrate ‘Excellence in Food & Wine Service’. The night raised money for Springboard, which helps young people achieve their potential in the hospitality sector.

Cited by top chefs and sommeliers as the ‘purest tasting water’, Nordaq enhances the flavour of food and wine in a way that no other water comes close, due to its palate-cleansing qualities.

T&J and Nordaq at RA Gala 2019

Ian Jones, Managing Director of T&J Installations, said: ”The Gala Dinner is a great opportunity for decision-makers and influencers to try the water with food and wine. Nordaq has so much to offer restaurant and hospitality businesses – not just for its taste, but for its logistical and eco benefits too.”

Designed for a ‘superior taste and a clean planet’, Nordaq is an alternative to bottled water and single-use plastics that enables restaurants and hotels to reduce the logistical demands and carbon footprint of water service.

T&J recently published some thoughts on bottled water and the advantages of Nordaq’s filtered water solution, at a time of increasing pressure on the beverage industry to become more eco-friendly.

Nordaq is now offering the opportunity to sample its water in a tailored ‘Nordaq Experience’. The Experience allows you to try the water alongside your wine, providing invaluable insight into the potential that Nordaq could hold for your business.

If you would like to know more about Nordaq, or to arrange your own Nordaq Experience, please call 0121 348 8951 or email enquiries@nordaqfreshuk.com.

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