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T&J installs Nordaq premium filtered water at Bibendum, London

As sole UK technical services provider for Nordaq, T&J Installations has installed the premium water filter system at Bibendum, London.

Bibendum first opened in 1987 and is regarded as having been a trailblazer within London’s fine-dining culture – paving the way for many of the City’s most celebrated restaurants. The restaurant, which is located on Fulham Road, Chelsea, chose Nordaq for being the “best water in the world”.

The restaurant is currently home to, two Michelin-star chef, Claude Bosi who has breathed new life into Bibendum, and crafted a menu to fit with modern day life.

Whilst many restaurants aspire to achieve a Michelin star, ‘Bibendum’ is the Latin word meaning ‘to be drunk’ and is the original name of the Michelin Man. The restaurant, is in fact, situated in Michelin’s former HQ, where stained-glass depictions of the Michelin Man dominate both the restaurant’s internal and external appearance.

A great match

With its thirst-quenching name and extensive wine menu, it seems fitting that Bibendum should select Nordaq for its water programme.

Nordaq water is produced by filtering local tap water in-house. The filtration process removes impurities and undesirable flavours while retaining natural salts and minerals for a neutral, balanced and rounded taste that even mineral waters struggle to achieve.

The absence of these impurities and lack of the preservatives found in bottled mineral water are what give Nordaq its purity and palate-cleansing quality. Nordaq allows the customer to experience the true flavours of food and drink.

RA Dinner Claude 

Claude Bosi, Head Chef at Bibendum, pictured above, said: “I’m delighted to have Nordaq in the restaurant, it truly enhances our food menu and wine list.

“When you’re drinking Nordaq with a meal, because the palate is clean, all the flavours are that much clearer – and that’s what every good chef wants.

“T&J was able to install the filter system in just a couple of hours, which was perfect as there was no disruption to service.”

T&J and Nordaq filtered water 

Ian Jones, Managing Director of T&J Installations, said: “We are pleased to see Nordaq installed in yet another high profile restaurant – it’s testimony to the quality of the water that the system delivers.

“Nordaq has many applications for many businesses – Bibendum is just one. We believe that Nordaq is a premium product, not an exclusive one. The operational benefits that Nordaq offers are key drivers for choosing the filter system. Not having to order in, store, chill and dispose of single-use bottles for water anymore is a logistical blessing.”

T&J would encourage any restaurants, wine bars, hotels or other venues considering how they provide premium water to their customers to get in touch to discuss how Nordaq revolutionises their approach to water.  

 Your Nordaq Experience

Nordaq is now offering the opportunity to sample its water in a tailored ‘Nordaq Experience’. The Experience allows you to try the water alongside your establishment’s food and wine, providing invaluable insight into the potential that Nordaq could hold for your business.

If you would like to know more about Nordaq, get in touch with us to arrange your own Nordaq Experience, by calling 0121 348 8951 or email info@tjinstall.co.uk.

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