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T&J enters filtered water market with Nordaq FRESH partnership

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T&J Installations has been instructed as sole UK technical services provider of Nordaq FRESH. The instruction was made by Moor H2O Ltd, owners of the UK rights to the Nordaq FRESH system – a revolutionary alternative to tap water and bottled mineral water.

T&J Installations will provide installation and maintenance services for the UK market, ensuring that all systems are dispensing the premium water that’s like none you’ve ever tasted. The system is available as three environment-tailored products:

Nordaq FRESH was invented in Sweden and, since its launch, has taken the restaurant and hotel worlds by storm, internationally – with more than 100 Michelin Star restaurants serving the filtered water. Nordaq FRESH has already been installed in a select few restaurants in London – with The Fat Duck Group being notable advocates – and now, Moor H2O Ltd’s partnership with T&J marks the national rollout of the system.

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Nordaq FRESH water is produced by filtering local tap water in-house. The system which is installed within the water system before the tap, requires no large upfront costs. Instead, clients pay for the water by the litre – much as they would if they were buying mineral water.

The filtration process removes impurities and undesirable flavours while retaining natural salts and minerals for a neutral, balanced and rounded taste that even mineral waters struggle to achieve.

The result of this is that the filtered water cleanses the palate, enhancing the flavour of any food or drink consumed after sipping it.

Ian Jones, Managing Director of T&J Installations, said: “Nordaq FRESH is a standout product for so many reasons. T&J has always pursued new innovations which will improve the experience of beverages, with products such as tank beer and wine dispense systems. 

“Nordaq continues this trend. Not only is it an improvement on bottled or tap water, but it improves any wine you drink or food you eat with it too.

“The eco-friendly nature of the filter system is also a major benefit – both to us and our clients. The ‘food miles’ on mineral water are often very high, and the wasted plastic or glass bottles are both harmful to the environment and a logistical burden for any restaurant owner. Nordaq escapes these issues entirely and – as far as plastic bottles are concerned – it offers a future-proof and sustainable solution to what has become a key issue in the public consciousness.” 

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T&J Installations and Moor H2O kickstarted their promotional campaign for Nordaq FRESH at The Restaurant Association’s recent 50th Anniversary event held at The Savoy Hotel.

T&J and Moor H2O Ltd sponsored the event, which saw 350 restaurant industry tastemakers and decision makers attend, the ideal platform for showcasing the revolutionary product. The water was well received by attendees – sampled alongside the food and wine on offer – it was greatly appreciated for the way in which it enhanced their tasting experience.

Peter Smeaton, Director of Moor H2O Ltd, said: “T&J is a great fit for us. They recognise the potential of the system, and have the necessary expertise to help Nordaq FRESH make a splash in the UK market – with premium water and a premium service.”

Nordaq FRESH systems are ideal for a range of leisure and hospitality venues, including restaurants, hotels, coffee houses, gyms and leisure centres – to name a few. T&J Installations advises business owners and those responsible for their organisation's food and beverage offering, who are interested in the potential opportunities that Nordaq FRESH could create, to get in touch and discuss whether it is right for them, how to maximise ROI, and reduce logistics costs.

For more information on Nordaq FRESH, contact Ian Jones on 0121 783 8925 or email info@tjinstall.co.uk.

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