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Nordaq installation takes c. 30,000 water bottles a year out of London

The Bleeding Heart restaurant has signed up to a contract with Nordaq premium filtered water. The restaurant will now be able to serve Nordaq for three years, using the water filtering system that has been installed by T&J.

Created for a ‘superior taste and a clean planet’, Nordaq enables a business to produce still and sparkling water on-site.

Bleeding Heart chose Nordaq, as an alternative to bottled water, in order to reduce the logistical demands and carbon footprint of their water service. Until now, serving high quality restaurant water had seen the restaurant use and dispose of 30,000 bottles each year.

Peter Smeaton of Nordaq UK, said: “At Nordaq, we feel a profound responsibility to help clients reduce their carbon footprint, and this is a substantial number of bottles that are no longer being transported in and out of London.”

“The Nordaq water filtering system enables businesses to revolutionise their water service and deliver a product that is superior to bottled mineral waters.” 

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Nordaq

Bleeding Heart (pictured above), located in the Farringdon area of London, is the long-established flagship restaurant of its group, which also includes The Bistro and The Tavern, offering a superb French menu and an extensive award-winning wine list.

The restaurant welcomes some of the most dedicated wine enthusiasts at its monthly themed wine dinner, which has run for over 30 years. Up until this point, Bleeding Heart received and disposed of circa 30,000 bottles of water each year.

Julian Marshall, Executive Chef of Bleeding Heart, said: “We’re very excited to have a T&J-installed Nordaq system at Bleeding Heart. The purity of the water is second to none and streamlining our water service with a filtration approach frees up valuable time and resources.

“Ultimately, what this means is that we are able to improve the customer experience in a number of ways, whilst also becoming a more eco-friendly business.”

Saving 30,000 single-use bottles a year

Ian Jones, Managing Director of T&J Installations, said: “Taking so many single-use bottles out of the picture is a great achievement. It’s something that we at T&J, our partners at Nordaq and the team at Bleeding Heart can all be very proud of. We look forward to doing the same for more businesses in the UK. 

"The 30,000 bottles of water that this restaurant previously handled each year will no longer need to be delivered and disposed of. This represents a significant reduction in the logistical burden of water service, a burden which is made all the more onerous by a central London location.

“The planet faces a pollution crisis and innovative solutions, such as Nordaq, provide the answers to some of the industry’s biggest challenges.”

Nordaq is now offering the opportunity to sample its water in a tailored ‘Nordaq Experience’. The Experience allows you to try the water alongside your wine, providing invaluable insight into the potential that Nordaq could hold for your business.

If you would like to know more about Nordaq, get in touch with us to arrange your own Nordaq Experience, by calling 0121 348 8951 or email info@tjinstall.co.uk.

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