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Nordaq to be official water sponsor of the 2019 Cateys

T&J client, Nordaq will be sponsoring the 2019 Cateys. The event, which is to be held at Grosvenor House, AJW Marriott Hotel on 2nd July 2019, is the latest in a string of sponsorships by the premium filtered water brand.

With support from T&J Installations, Nordaq is sponsoring, and serving its water to guests at, the 2019 Cateys, presented by The Caterer magazine. The awards celebrate the best in the industry and welcome 1,200 people from across the UK hospitality sector. 

T&J is the sole UK technical services partner to Nordaq’s unique, patented water filtering system, which turns local tap water into a restaurant water of the highest quality.  

Cateys Award imagery

What are the Cateys? 

The Cateys has been an annual awards ceremony since 1984. It is a highly respected industry event and has showcased innovators and trailblazers from across hotels, restaurants, foodservice and pubs and bars for 35 years. 

The awards acknowledge wide-ranging achievements within the industry. As such, awards last year included: Best Employer, Foodservice Caterer Award, Chef Award, Menu of the Year, Best Marketing Campaign, Sustainable Business Award and Best Use of Technology.

Nordaq will be ‘on tap’

As the Official Water Sponsor of the Cateys, Nordaq still and sparkling water will be served to all 1,200 guests at the event. Nordaq filtered water enhances the flavour of food and wine with its unique ability to cleanse the palate.

Peter Smeaton, of Nordaq UK, said: “The ethos behind the Cateys is very much in line with our own values and what the Nordaq filtering system represents – from quality to sustainability.”

As Nordaq water is produced on-site, it eliminates the need for delivery and disposal logistics for water service. This also means that the environmental consequences of water service are greatly reduced – with no need for single-use plastic or glass bottles.

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T&J’s there every step of the way

Ian Jones, Managing Director of T&J Installations said: “The events Nordaq has chosen to sponsor this year have been to better establish the product in the UK. Nordaq deserves to be seen as a reputable, premium brand in the leisure and hospitality industry and we’re glad to be supporting it.
“This year, Nordaq has been part of the Restaurant Association Gala Dinner, the Sommelier of the Year and now the Cateys. They don’t just want to just supply to this industry – they want to be an active part of it.”

Your Nordaq Experience
Nordaq is now offering the opportunity to sample its water in a tailored ‘Nordaq Experience’. The Experience allows you to try the water alongside your establishment’s food and wine, providing invaluable insight into the potential that Nordaq could hold for your business.
If you would like to know more about Nordaq, or to arrange your own Nordaq Experience, please call 0121 348 8951 or email info@tjinstall.co.uk.

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