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T&J Installations expands into new territories as national demand increases for its beer dispense services

T&J Installations Beer Dispense T&J Beer Dispense Van

T&J has responded to increased demand for its beer dispense and other services by opening new locations in Durham and Nottingham, servicing the North East and East Midlands respectively.

The new branches of the business have been accompanied by a recruitment drive for new beer dispense technicians in the North East and also Greater London.  T&J’s newest investments will improve response times, and provide additional support, for existing and future clients in these regions. 

T&J has been instructed by several new major clients in recent months, including Aspall Cyder and Kolson Breweries.  With the beverage industry on the up, and other notable instructions to be announced, the need for new staff and additional premises has become prominent.  For T&J, this has necessitated new locations in Nottingham and Durham, as well as a storage unit in Stevenage to effectively supply engineers in the area.

T&J Installations’ Managing Director, Ian Jones, said: “We’re delighted to justifiably open these new branches for the business.  Our workload continues to increase and the T&J team is getting bigger every year.  Our company has grown to 100+ employees, from installers and technicians, to administration staff and a strong management team.

“These two new units will increase logistical efficiency for our staff, by reducing travel times and making our beer dispense engineers in the region better equipped for the day-to-day needs and emergency call-outs of our clients.

“In response to the increased level of enquiries, we are actively seeking new, experienced beer dispense engineers, in several areas, to join our highly skilled workforce.” 

T&J has, over 30 years, established itself as a well-recognised and highly regarded supplier of technical services to the brewing industry, with their excellent beer dispense services and support.  Although, increasingly, they are seen as providing a comprehensive and diverse range of services for the beverage industry as a whole.

T&J’s current product ranges now include distribution of the By The Glass wine dispensing systemtank beer, Berg spirit dispenserFastPour beer dispense and soft drinks dispensing equipment, as well as cellar cooling, refrigeration and line cleaning services, giving them a broad appeal within the beverage industry.  Pubcos who require a comprehensive beverage dispense service for their pubs and bars, has fed both the diversifying of this product range as well as the rise in demand for T&J’s services.

For those interested in working for T&J Installations as beer dispense technicians in the regions of Greater London and the North East, please visit the recruitment section of their website.



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